The Foundation provides philanthropic grants to help strengthen the Georgetown, Hutto, and Taylor communities through a life cycle of caring.

The Foundation honors the lives of Anna and Anton Olson, pioneers who emigrated from Sweden as teenagers…Anton in 1902 from Skåne and Anna in 1907 from Värmland.   They met in Chicago and married in 1909.  They moved to Texas in 1911 and eventually settled on a farm outside Taylor, Texas in 1916.

The Foundation continues to explore new, innovative ideas to maximize the impact of its grant program, including a growing focus on providing management and organizational capacity building tools and best practices for area nonprofits…allowing them to become stronger, more sustainable organizations that can effectively support their communities in the future.

Program Focus Areas

Give underserved children and youth more opportunities to grow and thrive:

Strengthen the ability of children and youth to live without abuse and neglect while providing education opportunities, nourishment, and support that allows them the chance to become healthy and valuable members in our neighborhoods.

Foster a spirit of entrepreneurship with youth and young adults in underserved areas:

Strengthen the ability of children, youth, and young adults to understand the value from working in the community, learning personal responsibility, customer service, self-confidence, financial literacy, and problem solving so they are better prepared to succeed as productive individuals in our communities.

Provide Independence and Dignity to seniors trying to live at home:

Strengthen the ability of our seniors to live at home safely, comfortably, and independently in their later years with dignity and as vital members of our communities.

Community Focus Areas

Georgetown                  Hutto                  Taylor

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